Lorenzo Lizarralde.

I was born in Texas and grew up in Panama of missionary parents. I developed a passion for flying early and earned pilot certificate age 17,
then graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, BS Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude.

Flying background:

I flew 19-passenger “Twin Otters” based in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. I then flew DC-8 cargo jets based Miami to Central & South America.
Next, I flew TWA 727’s, 757’s, & 767’s based in New York and St. Louis domestically as well as to Europe.
Since 1998, I’ve been based in Detroit, flying for a major airline: DC-9’s, DC-10’s, 757’s, 747’s, and Airbus 330’s domestically and to Europe, Asia, and Hawaii.


Living on an airpark has been a life-long dream. I am very fortunate to have achieved that dream here in Rives Township, near Jackson, Michigan;
it is all I ever imagined it to be. I have a 1956 Cessna 172 for flying to Mackinac Island, Put-In-Bay, Frankenmuth, other airparks, etc.

Long a fan of the grape, I have been bringing wines home from all over the world for years and have toured dozens of wineries.
I can’t imagine a more fulfilling life than living on an airpark as a Vintner, minding the grapes, and sharing wine with friends.